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Version History

- Added Popular Tags ( aka TagCloud ) to landing page
- Article display page and category list pages have meaningful titles.
- Added metadescription field to articles and list tags as meta tags in article detail view.

- Commenting on articles is available via Disqus

- Listing of articles by tag is now possible.
- Attach files to articles
- List similar articles based on tags

- Tagging articles is now possible
- Change datetime picker to Jquery UI datepicker

- Added primitive PDF Export option
- Suggest matching articles via autocomplete

- User can't delete category.
- User can't delete article.
- Missing log configuration


Preview Release

- Bootstrap framework both for backend and frontend visual stuff.
- Uses MySQL free
- Easy to use HTML Editor (CKEditor) with integrated FileManager.
- Scheduled publishing ( Specify article publication date and expiry date )
- Save articles as draft
- Keep track of article views and likes
- Sharing of articles via ShareThis

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