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KBVault - MySQL - Free Knowledge Base Application

This project is no longer being developed. For an MSSQL version and up-to-date version check

KBVault is a free knowledge base web application. Main purpose is to make a simple yet efficient and easy to use knowledge base application.

Please provide feedback for bugs and features. Help me to make something useful and yet be simple.

V0.16a has arrived with a few tweaks for seo friendly pages,printer friendly view display and tag cloud on landing page.Check Downloads section

Important: Use downloads section for latest release

  • Bootstrap framework both for backend and frontend visual stuff.
  • Uses MySQL
  • Easy to use HTML Editor (CKEditor) with integrated FileManager.
  • Scheduled publishing ( Specify article publication date and expiry date )
  • Save articles as draft
  • Keep track of article views and likes
  • Sharing of articles via ShareThis
  • Suggest matching articles via autocomplete during search
  • Printer friendly view.( Can be used to save document as pdf via pdf printer drivers)
  • Tags for articles
  • Tag cloud on landing page
  • Attaching files to articles via uploadify
  • Suggest similar articles based on most matching tags while viewing article
  • Once logged in, add new articles and change existing ones while browsing site.
  • Let visitors comment articles via Disqus
  • SEO friendly article pages

Check Version History for details.


You can track planned features from the issues section.


Check Documentation for installation instructions




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